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As a young girl I was mesmerized by Princess Diana.  She was  beautiful, blonde, had an amazing wardrobe and was jet-setting all over the world (plus – she was a PRINCESS!).  She used her status to bring attention to places and people that were in desperate need of some help.  When she died in 1997 I was totally inconsolable.   For weeks I would burst into tears every time I heard Elton John’s ‘Candle in the Wind‘.    Anyhow, when I saw the trailers for ‘Diana’ I have to admit I was a little disgusted but curious all the same.

As a love story, I liked it alright but I just could not see Naomi Watts as Diana.  I know it was a fictionalization and not a documentary so I shouldn’t really begrudge her but I just wasn’t buying it.  I’m gonna go with a three out of five on this one.



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