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Springtime Salad

Spring is almost upon us, I can just feel it! Even though temps have still been below freezing up until this week, something feels different. There are more birds chirping, the days are longer and the smell of damp earth is so present that you can’t help but sense that change is in the air. To celebrate I made this simple salad full of sunshine-y citrusy goodness.

Springtime Salad recipe:
romaine lettuce
kale, remove the tough stems
1/2 orange
1/2 grapefruit
feta cheese
fresh mint

Chop washed romaine and kale into bite sized pieces. Remove rind from orange and slice horizontally to make orange ‘coins’ (save rind). Pick some mint leaves off the stems, roll and then slice into thin strips. Put all ingredients (including cheese) into a bowl and squeeze any remaining juice from the rind onto the salad. Season with salt and pepper to taste and enjoy!

(I also sprinkled some toasted buckwheat and chia seeds on this salad after taking the picture which was a great addition.  Some walnuts or sliced almonds might be amazing as well!)



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