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I have been living with diabetes for fourteen years.  I was diagnosed at the age of fifteen with Type 1 (at that time it was still being called juvenile diabetes) and was hospitalized almost immediately.  For the next week I was learning all about syringes, insulin, carb counting and checking blood sugar levels.   Although I struggled with dealing with the life changing diagnoses I was totally in love with insulin.  After spending a whole summer being too fatigued to spend a day at the beach, being too thirsty to make it through a trip to the grocery store, having to pee too bad that I couldn’t make it to the outhouse in the middle of the night (on a camping trip) insulin was a revolution.  It changed the quality of my fourteen-year old life completely.  I think thats why I’ve never even considered life without it since then.

The last year or so my bloodsugar has been harder to control than ever before.  My A1C has been on the rise (the highest being 9.4), and every visit with my endocrinologist would leave me feeling frustrated and disappointed.  Things were better when I was working out consistently but I’ve been lacking the time and motivation to get to the gym 5x’s a week.  So about six months ago I decided to get an insulin pump.  This was a big step for me – ever since I was diagnosed they’ve been pushing an insulin pump but it never appealed to me.  To be honest, even after using one for six months it still doesn’t really appeal to me!  It has improved my health (I just found out yesterday that my A1C is down to 7.2 – a huge step in the right direction!) but I need to be doing more.  I feel like for the last fourteen years I’ve been using insulin as an excuse to eat whatever I want when really, I should be using food to try to fix what’s wrong with me.  I know that realistically I won’t be able to reverse my diabetes, nor will I be able to stop using insulin but I hoping with some positive changes in my diet I will be able to feel better, prevent any long term damage to my body and live a long, healthy life.  Isn’t that the dream?

I started this blog with the intention of being more open about living with diabetes – for myself and for anyone else who might be interested in reading it.  I’m hoping that in the coming months I can look back on this and see how far I’ve come – how any  changes have impacted my life and use that to keep moving forward.


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