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Winter hikes

IMG_1104Yesterday I went hiking at Mono Cliffs Provincial Park with my love.  We had a great time (albeit very challenging considering the 2 feet of snow) and I was toasty warm in my newly made scarf.  I love this one because its made with Malabrigio Rasta and a handspun alpaca that I got directly from the farmer.  I made it using a simple Tunisian crochet stitch, alternating the two yarns as I went.



  1. Snow!!!! I really like snow but we don t have a lott snow in Holland😞 but i really like youre scarf!!! Great job and the colors are beautiful!!

    • Thanks so much, I’m really happy with how it turned out (of course it helps that Malabrigio is so beautiful and easy to work with!)
      My grandparents are immigrants from Holland and I’m hoping to finally make it there in 2015.

      • Thats funny!! I hope you wil see holland its a beautiful country with nice people.. Everything is possible in holland!! Sure make you see amsterdam

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