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The Staircase

This is a fascinating watch. The Staircase is a documentary movie (or seeing as it is 8 hours long I like to call it a miniseries) which follows the trial of author Michael Peterson who was accused of killing his wife Kathleen back in 2003.… Read More

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This is probably one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while. A retelling of a crime of passion committed by Joyce McKinney, a wide eyed American girl who chased her true love to London to kidnap him and seduce him into leaving the… Read More

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Raising Arizona

One of my favourite movies of all time.  I first watched this one about 2 years ago on a recommendation from my boyfriend and prior to watching it I HATED Nick Cage.  This movie changed everything.  Not only did I start loving Cage, but I… Read More

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The Grand Budapest Hotel

This weekend I watched Wes Anderson’s latest flick, ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’. It did not disappoint. It felt like his most ‘adult’ film yet but that might just be because his last two seemed a little more kid friendly. Don’t take your kids to this… Read More

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I just finished watching the biopic ‘Lovelace’ starring Amanda Seyfried as the 70s porn superstar Linda Lovelace.  I was expecting a fun, dirty easy watch but that was not what I got.  The abuse that Linda was subjected to by her then husband Chuck Traynor was… Read More

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Don Jon

When I first heard the Joseph Gordon-Levitt was writing, directing and starring in a full length film I was over the moon excited.  Then I watched it.  And he didn’t let me down – the story, the editing, Julianne Moore.  It’s hard to remember that this… Read More

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Last night I watched this 2004 drama/thriller directed by David Gordon Green.  My boyfriend has really turned me on to DGG in the last 6 months,  two of my other faves by him being ‘Joe’ and ‘Prince Avalanche’.  This one did not disappoint.  The family… Read More

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Demolition Man

I just watched this 90’s action flick this weekend (I’m still playing catch-up thanks to a tv-free household upbringing) and I think that I loved it.  The opening action sequence was pretty awesome (as was the one at the end) but I was a little… Read More

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Just watched Submarine – the directorial debut from Richard Ayoade – and was blown away.   Mostly because it’s just so beautiful to look at, but I also enjoyed the humour, the parents, the name Oliver Tate and the ending.  It ended exactly how it should have. … Read More

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As a young girl I was mesmerized by Princess Diana.  She was  beautiful, blonde, had an amazing wardrobe and was jet-setting all over the world (plus – she was a PRINCESS!).  She used her status to bring attention to places and people that were in… Read More